Creative ways to protect your skin in the Summer

lady laying in waterAfter a lengthy period of cold weather and rain, people crave the sun and as soon as it smiles up in the sky, everyone wants to go out to bask or run to the beach. While weather patterns differ from one country to another, the sun still shines globally where too much exposure can cause damage to the skin. Here is how you can enjoy your time at the beach or walk under the sun without getting sunburns.

Cover up

In a world where fashion is wide and inclusive, there are a lot of lighter clothes you can wear to protect your skin from direct sunlight. For instance, there are summer hats meant to protect your face and neck, light scarf to wrap around you while at the beach plus numerous summer-wears available in malls for an affordable price. Too much sunlight can and will damage your eyes, therefore, a pair of sunglasses will go as far as saving you from a doctor’s appointment.


While speculations try to demean the importance of a sunblock or sunscreen, it would be wise to have one that’s best suited for your skin. They have been proven to prevent moles, wrinkles, DNA damage, and skin cancer. It is recommended that you apply sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house and do not apply anything else on top of it.

Watch out for the reflected light

Despite having an umbrella or seeking shelter under the trees, you are not fully protected from the UV lights from the sun. The rays reflected from your nearest surfaces can affect the skin under your chin which is more sensitive and less exposed. These surfaces include water, mirrors, sand, etc.

Don’t try sunbathing

Having sunburn is not a joke; it really burns and it’s absolutely irritating. Most fair-skinned people want to have a tan through basking under the sun for hours. Honestly, one is bound to acquire an uneven skin tone than a tan. Sunbathing is not recommended for everyone but in case you are motivated, a few minutes under the sun will help build up sufficient melanin for skin protection.

Your skin is vulnerable every time you are outdoors and exposed. Even though your skin is at risk when the sun is scorching, the UV rays still seep in during cool and cloudy days. Protect your skin throughout the year and don’t risk getting skin cancer.

Hire mobile sunless tanning services.

If you really like the glow look on  your skin then you will want to consider sunless tanning services. Sunless tanning services will even come to your place of business. A wonderful way to look your best all year long without the harmful effects of the Sun.